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Bold of you to assume that women don't like femboys.

Also, even when the MC knows that they're boys, she's still calling them girls and 'she' and I'm wondering why.




Cuz respect pronouns.




*screams in bisexual*



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Can there be a mac version please?


played the demo. i love it already. this is on my wishlist :D


This is a bi guy's dream come true


same for a bi gurl


Of course. Femboy love knows no bounds.


I see you're a man of culture. I respect you, my guy


so this is gay..? 


no u




femboys arent trans so if the mc is a guy, yes its gay. Sorry for the petty downvotes and annoying ratio considering u were just asking a question. Yes its gay, but ain't no shame!


i got ratioed?! Frick. I didn't mean that I just wanted to know ;-;

i take it back. Very much shame on the gays. i hate faggots


The art style is so cute! Do you ever think u could make a game like this but with women? I'm a total lesbo and I'd love to play that with such cute girls ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ the mc can be a guy tho I dont mind

i’m not a lesbian anymore lmfao stop being gay it’s disgusting and cringe. Be normal


these types of game are going to fucking eat my laptops small storage end me


How can i get the full version of the gameplay?


it isnt out yet, and when it is it will be on steam

omg someone pkease tell me when its gonna be out on steam also id like to know how much it'll cost?? 


hm sexy

help myosuk:[


i havent even played yet but i have a feeling theyre gonna be traps


they are, I havent played yet, But I know... SO LET'S PLAY SHALL W


Add Venti reference? 9/10, traps are gud.


traps are bud

this game will be translated into Russian?


How do I play the nsfw edition 


Don't forget! If you missed the campaign, you can still pledge at:


this is the best freaking game!~~~


Deleted 1 year ago

The game will be SFW. The adult patch will be seperate.


can you play this as a lesbian?


Why not!

Why are your links redirected from Youtube?

Good catch! We fixed it now.


i dont like how i like this

Deleted 2 years ago



i love you, developers


Love ya too!









myosuki can you make a setting to change the maids gender i just feel like thats gay


Please, for the love of God, tell me you're joking. That option will RUIN the irony of the game title...


Isn't that kinda the point?

Final minutes!


umm i like the game alot i just want one thing to change some of us are boys soo i was wondering if like you can change the maid gender cuse i dont want to see a boy i want to see a girl so can you do that that pls


"change the gender of the maids"

Well, the devs will NEVER do that, so boooo-hooo~

"I don't want to see a boy, I want to see a girl"

I have no words...

Look, buddy, Myosuki had already had their sights set on making a VN about feminine boys in maid outfits and nothing else. And telling them to change or to have the option to change the maids' gender is just scummy, to be honest, and completely ruins the irony of the game's title.

Sorry, but this game is just not for you...


If it makes you feel any better, the devs said you can play as a girl, so it's technically not gay lol


k thanks i guess its not gay if im a girl 

wait are you gay

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What if I am? What if I am not?

Why does it matter whether I'm gay or not lmao


And look, buddy, even if I tell you whether I am gay or not, in the end, your two comments are being downvoted to HELL because of how stupid and obviously homophobic they are. 

I highly, HIGHLY suggest deleting them to save yourself from further embarrassment.

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is the game and demo available for mac

The description says that you can play on mac/linux, How do i do that?

*Kisses fingertips* Perfect!



é HOMI???


é tudo homi


São os homi mais bonito que eu ja vi


comia fds



Deleted 1 year ago

You can pledge on our Kickstarter to get this game for much cheaper!

Support here:


So, regardless of your response, I'm going to play the game. Though I do have a question. Is there nsfw content here? Other than the fact that it's about traps, that is--


There will be an adult patch!

you my man are a legend, that is needed in every VN game with some form of sexual content, I just ask that you make a SFW version/option for people who don’t want the NSFW content. I thought of this so I could stream it on my twitch channel cause twitch doesn’t like NSFW


It looks interesting! Too bad we can only play as a guy. It’s a little disappointing there’s not an option to choose your gender. But I’ll still follow the updates.


There's an option for you to chose gender!


Really? That makes me so happy! On the demo you can only play as a guy. 

I’m so so happy! :D Thank you


femboys make the best girls


Nice try, But I learnt to never fall into traps again


Are you sure about that?

I first thought it was a game like Bazooka Café, how wrong I was. Lot's of fun.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Hahah! Thanks for the playthrough! Appreciate it.


Can't wait for the game to get funded fully~ This is a high quality visual novel game they're making! ^v^

Thank you!

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