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Akihabara, the electric town--hub for state-of-the-art technology, fashion, otaku goods, and the cutest boys in skirts you will ever see. Pop into the Girls! Girls! Girls!? Café and fall in love with one of four charming "ladies..." or maybe even all of them? Jump into a story full of fluff, romance, friendship, and crossdressing that will keep you coming back for more!

  • 25 stunning CGs, including both NSFW and SFW variations
  • Fully animated characters, brought to life by the talented 骨盤少女-tommy
  • 6 different endings, offering over 15 hours of gameplay
  • Breathtaking visuals that immerse players in the vibrant world of Akihabara
  • Heartwarming soundtracks
  •  Playable on PC via Steam and Linux! Mac, Switch & Playstation Coming Soon!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myosuki
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myosuki
Discord: https://discord.gg/myosuki
Website: http://myosuki.com

For any inquiries, email us at contact@myosuki.com

Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date May 20, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(138 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, Casual, Cute, Dating Sim, Funny, Romance, Story Rich, Traps
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Kickstarter, Homepage, Steam, Twitter, YouTube


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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I'm enjoying the game so far, but I almost want to punch the POV character in the stomach (that might change later on, I'm still early)

From his internal monologue, it's clear he's well meaning, but he comes across as a weaselly manager, mainly because he tries to sugar-coat everything he says when he's not outright lying

"Everything is fine.  Everything is fine.  Nothing to worry about.  Also, effective immediately everyone gets a 40% pay cut."

"Nothing to worry about. Everything is fine. We just thought the easiest way to save money was to give less of it to you."

It's made a bit worse by the talk about previous manager(s), who seem to have been incompetent at best, and abandoned ship while pretending everything was fine at worst

I love the art.  I don't know if I can overcome my internal hatred of managers ;D



To all hells with Unity, honestly...

Vampiric capital at its worst. All support to you on this difficult journey to come.


Is this version uncensored, then?


yes! Absolutely 

Most perfect and blessed for us bois then! Thank youuuu <3


Can you add this to android please?

Would be possible but you'll need a higher like fps to play depending how old the phone is or whatever the graphics and animation it can take


I created an account only to say the blond one is the best

Hey I played the demo and bought the game but i've been having trouble trying to get the game to work it keeps saying that the unityplayer isn't in the folder and I've redownloaded it to no help and even dropped that file into the folder with it then giving me an il2cpp error so I just wanted to know if it was a problem with an update or if it is a problem on my end.

We never heard anyone encountering this issue before, so it is most like an issue from your end. Are you using windows?

Remove the old files, redownload it again, unzip it using any extractor software like Winrar, and then double click GirlsGirlsGirls.exe

You can also join the Girls! Girls! Girls!? discord channel, and send a message to the "GGG Modmail" to open a support ticket and we can help you directly!

You can join the server here: https://discord.gg/A9QcEbPsqG

Dive into the world of "Girls! Girls! Girls!?" with our limited edition dakimakuras! Embrace Hayasaka, Ayase, Nanase, & Sena like never before. Limited to 50 copies Each! Soft fabric, vibrant prints. Secure yours before they're gone!

Get it now: http://store.myosuki.com


I'd like to ask, what gender are WE in the game?


As a femboy myself, I appreciate the representation, however I have to agree with others that it goes too far in portraying the characters as basically indistinguishable from women with she/her pronouns and being drawn as flat-chested girls with bulges under their skirts. I could be wrong, but it doesn't feel like there was much in-depth research on what actual femboys are like. Maybe Japanese crossdressers are different, but most femboys like myself still go by he/him pronouns and generally aren't crossdressing 24/7 (either because it's unsafe, or because it takes a lot of effort to keep up appearances.)

Obviously, it's just meant to be a cute dating sim for those who enjoy femboys, and in that regard it's pretty good. I'm assuming that's what most of the playerbase is looking for, not an in-depth look into real-life femboy struggles, and I'm not going to disparage anyone for liking what they like. However, just in terms of representation it does feel a bit strange, so I'm hoping more femboy games are made in the future to explore that aspect.

Are all the romance options uh...Takers rather than givers? Asking for...reasons...

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trans people and gender non-conforming people holding hands

they are not (necessarily) the same, but they face similar struggles and have reason to respect each other by virtue of this

there is reason for both concepts to exist!

(this game looks pretty neat)


Y'all fighting in the comments are stupid as hell 

 Otoko no ko: Japanese term for men who have a culturally feminine gender expression.

There. Done. Not trans girls. Not misgendering. Shut up and enjoy the game.


give them some tits and call them futas, then the whole comment section wouldn't be complaining /s


Can you mark this as NSFW? It obviously has NSFW content, as I can see.

(2 edits) (+1)(-11)

Well, nsfw is not what you think. This game is not "nsfw" according to steam. You might wanna check age restriction there, they do curate their games :-)

- Grown-up Jokes, dialogues and references
- Occasional bulges

Nothing warranting a porn rating. But you still might not want to be seen at work playing a game that features traps and has suggestive themes and situations. It also does not help that the creator used the word nsfw in description. 




Does this game contain animated cutscenes?


I played through the demo and poked around some youtube playthroughs and as a queer/non-binary VN writer this feels like it's like 80% of the way there, but ultimately misses the mark. Even if the intent was not to make the cast trans-women, the strict adherence to she/her pronouns and referring to the cast as women all the time makes them virtually indistinguishable other than one or two cutesy lines about "what's under their skirts." Even the purple-haired character's sister calls them "sis." It feels like I'm reading  a conventional dating sim where the girls have flat chests and penises and that's literally the only difference.

I really do wish y'all the best and appreciate the effort toward creating more content like this, lord knows we could use more, but I would implore you to find some LGBTQ test readers, especially within the femboy/crossdressing community. I think there are a lot of very fun ideas that I'd love to see in a visual novel that you wouldn't see in a conventional dating sim. Have different characters prefer different pronouns, with some insisting on he/him and being called a guy. Have a newbie that keeps slipping up and doing masculine things or falling into a deeper vocal register. Show characters presenting masc outside of work. Show the drama of characters needing to hide this aspect of themselves from friends/family. There's a giant elephant in the room with "gender" painted on the side in big block letters, and if there's ever a place to stop ignoring it, it's here.

Of course, this was all based on the demo content and skimming some paths from youtube playthroughs. If there are any routes that tackle gender identity in some meaningful way, please point me in that direction and I will gladly buy this game.


i'm not an american, but isn't this(the comment above) what americans call woke shit??

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Yes exactly. They are misunderstanding what this game is. They don't get what Otoko no ko is even when you explain it.

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“woke shit” LMAO you’re posting on the website that’s currently hosting a queer bundle for mutual aid

trans people are not your enemy


Basically, yes.

Going to a fetish game, apropriating the theme, and calling for more representation of your own agenda. That is quite woke.


They're FEMBOYS.


you have no future


Are you threatening me? Cuz it's not working.


not a threat but a genuine assessment on what you have in hold for you. you are hopeless and deserve little to nothing in life. amen.



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I think you were very polite in your suggestions. Looking at the game, it seems like they are employing a concept called femboys, so them presenting as "she" makes sense. Personally, I love the femboys but this is coming from a cis person. And overall, testing the game with LGBTQ testers is a great idea! As it ensures that a game is LGBTQ+ friendly :)


Only problem is, crossdressing is not lgbt. Funny how many people think that. Or rather a sad symptom how the woke mindset twists so many ideas.

Many a lesbian, gay, bi or transgender, and even qeer person might crossdress. But crossdressing itself is neither of those.

And to say it even more clear, only the transgender would crossdress just because they are under the t umbrella in lgbt, and only as a prelude to their transition. After that, it would no longer be crossdressing.

And overall, testing the game with LGBTQ testers is a great idea! As it ensures that a game is LGBTQ+ friendly :)

Uhm. That is like saying lgbtq testers should playtest skyrim so it becomes lgbtq friendly. This is not how this is supposed to work. Those otokonoko are their own nieche. You need people liking that nieche to playtest and not random lgbtq people forcing their own view into the nieche. That is apropriation ;-)


As a trans person, I assure you that crossdressing is, in fact, queer.  It doesn't necessarily make a person trans, but it's not straight behavior.


As a person that likes to know what words mean, I can assure, you, queer does not include crossdressing. You got it backwards. While self identified queer people might engage in an activity they call crossdressing*, this does not make crossdressing queer .  

If you disagree, I suggest you educate the nitpickers at wikipedia. Because they define queer as   an umbrella term for people who are not heterosexual or are not cisgender. And there is not a single word about crossdressing on that page.

And the page for cross-dressing reads   The term "cross-dressing" refers to an action or a behavior, without attributing or implying any specific causes or motives for that behavior.

And if you do, that is prejudice on your part. Might wanna think about that.

Also, there is no such thing as straight or unstraight  behaviour. Every person is capable of feeling all feelings and doing all activities for fun that are usually attributed to the other gender or the other sexualities. With the trivial exceptions that are word defining.

* I am not convinced that this activity can be called crossdressing for a trans or a queer person. They want to reaffirm their felt gender, so it is not crossdressing to them. What would crossdressing for a mtf look like? Wearing male clothes again?


crying cuz im too poor to get the full version 


10/10 would play for cute maids & deep, innovative story & plot points again.



Please make girls! girls! girls!? cafe 2!!


Loved it so far <3 Especially how respectful and supportive it is rather than just fetishizing the characters and blurting out queerphobic remarks left and right like so much other stuff about femboys, trans people and other queer folks. Didn't expect it but seriously the best representation I've read in a while! :D
Would absolutely buy if paypal was available :/
Sadly got no credit card :(

You can contact us at discord at ToffeeSan#0666 and we can arrange a payment via paypal for you!

There's a hilarious bug. In one scene, after reloading a save in the cafe, the background isn't the cafe anymore (it was before I loaded - I was in that same scene, just after a choice that I wanted to reverse).

Instead of the girls standing in the cafe, they appear to be standing in front of a huge poster of the MC having sex.

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tl;dr Well worth the money and the wait! At least for me.

I like this game a lot so far, but there are some frustrating things with the script.
The day after an all day date, the MC says he spent his day off lazing around watching anime for one thing.

And then there's the big "lie" in I think scene 15 (trying not to spoil it). The truth is the MC (and the player) did NOT know and it was in fact sprung on them that day. But if you pick say that then the MC says in his inner monologue how he is lying and he feels like shit for doing it. The game did warn me before selecting that option that it was going to be a lie, but it wasn't a lie at all.
That only lessens my enjoyment a tiny bit - I'm used to much worse :D. I can just reload and pick the actual lie that better fits the MCs delusions. If you pick that option he does tell the truth, but shoulders way too much of the blame. The reactions kind of work for the character(s). I guess it's more of a problem with labeling and categorization than anything else. Ignoring the confused lead up and just picking "truth" kind of works, in other words.

Maybe this kind of thing will be fixed in the Enhanced storytelling update. I'm hopeful!

The "girls" are still cute and funny, and story is interesting enough. I was a backer of this project back when it started, and I have waited for a long time and paid "full price", but I am not disappointed. Well worth the money and the wait!


Any plans at all in giving the option to play a female character? Probably a stretch, but I think that would be pretty unique--female protag with these types of routes


if i wanna play this game, am i homo?

who cares about labels? Just do it


Exciting news for Girls! Girls! Girls!? fans!

We've just revealed our upcoming roadmap, including new updates, improved storytelling, extended routes, and the PlayStation & Switch launch! Stay tuned!
Join our official discord: https://discord.gg/myosuki
Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/myosuki

I can't even start the game. It shows the thank you for playing message, brings up a loading bar that fills up a little, then crashes. Deleting the save folder does NOT help either. I really wanted to play this game. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please contact us on Discord on ToffeeSan#0666 and we will help you right away!


Love the game, fantastic job. I know what I say doesn't mean that much in a sea of people, but it really is great.


Just finished the game i absolutely loved it and it even made me cry a little thank you for making a wonderful story! <3


before i get this game I have a question, can you bottom?



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Does this come with the 18+ patch or is that an add on as well? Cause I am planning on buying, just wanna know if steam and Itch are any different


The itch version has the 18+ included so no need for a patch! You don't have to go through the hassle for itch version!

Thanks for the reply!

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Bought it, tried it... the story is cute and all as are the "girls", but I'm not feeling it... :-/

And no, that's not lingo for something naughty, you degenerates (XD). 

I guess I'm more used to games in which you can spend time with all the romanceable options (true harem games). It has a harem route, sure,  but you would be missing out on some good character interactions. Never been a fan of the multiple routes and being locked out of others. But that's just me.

Also wished that the intimate scenes had some form of animation and naughty SFX.

One major plus though: no censorship (yay!)


$35 is insane ngl 

I played it, got bad ending, and want more you're epic


Follow this guide for more routes: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2965483278

I love the offer and thanks for realizing how bad i am


If the game gets stuck on loading screen, please delete the "Girls! Girls! Girls!?" or "GirlsGirlsGirls" folder here: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\LocalLow\Myosuki

It should work fine afterwards!

i played the demo and was all for it, i'll save up and get this eventually


is everyone? WHO I THINK THEY ARE?


Deleted 161 days ago

Delete the Girls! GIrls! Girls!? Save folder here: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\LocalLow\Myosuki

It should work fine after

Deleted 161 days ago

why the fuck do they got willy

Because they're boys who like to cross-dress.  This is a common theme in Japanese visual novels.


if u buy this game ur gae


no u


Best comeback ever LOL! XD


It not the best comeback

So U R GAE?!

Show post...

true, if you buy this shit your a mother fucking simp 💀💀

only horny 12 year old timmy is gonna buy this, with obviously his mom's credit card.


Ok, Gacha Nebula scam account.

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