Girls! Girls! Girls!? Official Soundtrack is now released!

We are happy to announce that Girls! Girls!? Official Soundtrack is now out!

Immerse yourself in the Girls! Girls! Girls!? Cafe with our Official Soundtrack. This collection of melodious compositions paints the emotional canvas of our visual novel, capturing every sweet encounter, heartfelt moment, and the lively daily hustle-bustle at our charming maid café. Our soundtrack features an array of beautiful melodies, ranging from the cheerful and energetic theme songs, soothing background music that set the atmosphere of the café, to emotive scores that punctuate the more dramatic moments of the narrative. Each track is carefully crafted to mirror the game's varying moods and tones, making it an excellent companion piece for anyone who has enjoyed playing "Girls! Girls! Girls!?".      


Girls! Girls! Girls!? Official Soundtrack 74 MB
63 days ago

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