Intimate Moments Await: Limited-Edition Dakimakuras Now Available!

Hey there, wonderful community!

We're beyond excited to share a passion project we've been working on: Limited Edition Dakimakuras for "Girls! Girls! Girls!?". Each lovingly crafted pillowcase gives you a unique chance to be closer to Hayasaka, Ayase, Nanase, and Sena. Whether you want to cozy up with one or show off your collection, these dakimakuras are designed with the utmost care, reflecting the essence of each character.

You can now get the Limited Edition Dakimakura's here:

🌸 Why They're Special:

  • Exclusive Art: Each character shines in bespoke artwork.
  • Premium Touch: Luxuriously soft, high-grade Two-way Tricot fabric.
  • Vivid Memories: Brilliant, lifelike prints bring out every emotion.

But here’s the catch: We’re only releasing 50 of each! Yep, just fifty. This isn’t just merchandise; it's a keepsake for our most dedicated fans.

We've poured our hearts into these, much like how we did with the game, and we hope they bring warmth and joy to your space. The link to our store is right here, so don't miss out on securing yours. And as always, thank you for being the incredible community that you are!

Sending all our love and gratitude,

The Myosuki Team

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